To get the details, usages, and functions, a technical manual is the best.

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Communication Protocol:

VoltBot is an innovative DC power supply
which has communication interfaces accessed
by both wire and wireless ways.

Want to write your own programme to communicate with VoltBot? click here.

Logs for Update:

In 2019-06-24, we did:

Add Current Control Mode

In 2019-06-15, we did:

Big warning under DC power mode

Added cable compensation

In 2019-06-09, we did:

Banana Kit Released

Side-key to enable touch-key

In 2019-05-27, we did:

updated the user manual

In 2019-05-22, we did:

PD Kit released

Changed the Default IP address to

In  2019-05-07, we did:

Fixed a BUG in firmware updating.

Unlocked 12V quickcharge in newest firmware to cooperate PD support.


In 2019-01-24., we did:

fix an issue that always showing “updating” when booting

fix an issue that touch-key screen never return

correct “cancel” in web-page misspelled with “cancle”

add RF power configuration

add “clean curve data” when disabling a certain channel

add “add password” section into the wireless webpage

optimize the layout for curve view in the curve webpage

remove a dead loop in TCP resending mechanism