Where to download VoltBot App in Android or Apple Store?

under development.

Shipped or not? How to track parcel?

visit https://www.sillycomm.com/sillycomm/voltbot2/survey/

Why need to pay tax in custom clearance?

Customs of destination country has stipulated the limits, exemptions, prohibitions, and restrictions on the types of articles mailed by individuals.
If the value of the commodity (declared value) exceeds the exemptions, the commodity will be taxable. As a result, the receiver has to pay a certain amount of tax.
If the custom regard that our commodity violates their prohibitions and restrictions, they might force to return the parcel.
When you find the parcel is returned, you can notify us by email. We will make a replacement after confirmation.

What are the purposes and usages of engineer kits?

Where is USB meter?

Engineer Kits is designed for DIY users and engineers, and it allows outputs of VoltBot to be wired out as conveniently as outputs of a common DC power supply.

A USB meter is to help engineers to achieve more accuracy of measurement and do a verification. In order to best fit it for engineering purpose, we put the USB meter into engineer kits.

What are the purposes and usages of mount kits?

Where is the magnetic cell?

Mount Kits is designed to install VoltBot on walls or in cars. In rooms, Velcro Stickers is purposed to install VoltBot on walls. In cars, Velcro Stickers is purposed to install VoltBot on the front panel. The Back-lid-with-a-belt is purposed to install VoltBot on a headrest.

It is an optimized design to the original version. We are very confident about long durability over the fastness of mounting.

We invited 20 taxi drivers to test our original mount kits. We used a magnetic cell to mount VoltBot on the front panel, but soon we found the glue on the magnetic mount cells easily get softened by heat from VoltBot plus from sunlight.  Within a month, VoltBot on magnetic cell became easily dropped down.

On the other hand, we used a pair of Velcro Stickers to mount VoltBot on a seat back. We also found back-seat passengers often knocked VoltBot when getting on and off. If we mount VoltBot with Velcro Stickers on the seat back, it also easily got dropped down.

As a result, we improved the original mount kits. For front seats, the magnetic mount cells were changed into Velcro Stickers which can withstand temperature as high as 60℃ and have much larger sticking area. For back seats,  Velcro Stickers were changed into a Back-lid-with-a-belt.

Why this page, where is the VoltBot page?

Does VoltBot have any connection with CloudFlare?

VoltBot has absolutely nothing to do with CloudFlare. CloudFlare is a company provide Internet service. However, VoltBot can neither access the Internet actively, nor it can help your devices to get Internet service.
If you find this page you must be surfing on the public Internet, instead of on VoltBot’s private local network. On public Internet, belongs to a company named CloudFlare, and their full link is; while on a VoltBot private local network (the Hotspot “VoltBot”), is the gateway address which belongs to VoltBot, its full link is (not “https”). If your web-browser continuously re-direct you to https://, you can clear the cache(history) of your web browser.
If any other troubles still there, Please take a look of the trouble-shooting page.