APP for VoltBot

We build interactive tools to help you to get high-quality experience with VoltBot. An application running on compact devices would be nice and handy.

You could install it on Google Play and App Store:

google play app store

You could also download the Android APP installation at here:

Get APK file

If you want to experience it with a computer, you could run an Android Emulator on your PC.

Create a virtual Android Phone on PC: Get Android Emulator

command line

USB-Serieal Update Tool

For those who have trouble to connect to VoltBot by wireless ways, we also provide a fail-safe tool to update the VoltBot by wires and an Windows computer. This tool operates a external USB-TTL adapter to communicate to VoltBot’s UART port. You can connect the USB-TTL adapter just as connecting an Arduino board.
Here is the download link of the tool.
Here is a sample of USB-TTL adapter.
The demo of connecting Arduino is shown in user mannual.